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The following is an excerpt from the article “Summer Report from Celestin – TFT Trainer, Kigali” in the Fall 2014 issue of “Tapping for Humanity,”
by Pr. Celestin, Director of Rwanda Orphans Project:


[This is] a great moment for TFT thinkers and researchers to establish/initiate what TFT may do to help in healing and assisting victims of EBOLA.

It’s becoming a disaster, affecting many Nations in West Africa like Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone plus the Congo in Central Africa where Ebola was found for the first time in years. At the moment, the DRC counts 30 people who have died recently in the province of Equateur, far from Kivu which is our neighbor.

I know people have panic, fear of death, and are traumatized because they are not allowed to run away to neighboring countries. They have a shortage of food because other countries are not allowed to bring goods and food. If all these fears, panic, trauma and stresses can be treated then it’s a reduction in sickness.

I worked with a young boy, 4 months ago who grew up at the Orphanage and he was detected as HIV positive. After he was told that he had HIV POSITIVE, he bought a drug and he wanted to kill himself. As soon as I was told by one of our care givers who took him to hospital I took him outside the center. I offered to him something to drink with a heart ready to accept him in a loving way.

I introduced TFT to him. The three of us with a caregiver, started the tapping exercises. He is now ok. He is no more fearing death and he is very courageous to continue his studies in his final secondary school and is a high performer.

I just wanted to give this illustration knowing that TFT may eliminate HIV fear and anxiety; it can do the same for EBOLA.

Big appreciation to all TFT researchers and volunteers.

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My First Trauma Treatment Following TFT Training

by Shalom Siegel, MA Psychology, TFT-DX, 

In October 2013 a 40 year old woman, with Hashimoto’s disease, had a thyroid cancer operation, and one parathyroid was removed, and one transplanted. After the operation she suffered an attack of Extreme Tetany caused by hypocalcaemia (low calcium in her body).

Her muscles froze, she had trouble breathing. She could not move, and went into severe panic. She continues to have daily mini anxiety attacks lest she forgets to take her calcium replacement pills.

She was very weepy and crying all the time.

I did one round of the basic trauma algorithm, the SUD went down a bit, but she had trouble keeping track of numbers because of her emotional state (crying). I treated a reversal and still it was hard to get clear information from her, so I did second reversal and added nose, chin, index, finger and pinky just to cover it all.

She reported that she was so relaxed she couldn’t think of it (the trauma and anxiety) any more but when she was able (to think on it) she saw it as a picture of something happening to another person. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She needed to rest so I explained a bit how it works so that she wouldn’t dismiss it as me doing something to her.

Then we tapped at the ‘picture’ that was left, and in the middle of the algorithm she says “that’s it, it’s gone!” So I did the nine gamut to lock it in and that was all!!!

excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity”, Fall 2014 

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TFT in Toronto–Tapping Out Panic Attacks, Rage, Anger, Frustration, Guilt….

In the past six months we have had 18 people take the TFT Algorithm Course and another 14 attended our first TFT Boot Camp. More and more people are finding ways to use this for themselves and people they know.

Russell, one of our attendees at the Algorithm Course in April, shares his comments below:

“After taking the Algorithm course for Thought Field Therapy I can blatantly say it has reshaped my body, mind, spirit, and soul into a whole new being. For the last 3 years of my life I have dealt with a lot of traumatic life changing circumstances. I received treatment from a psychologist and received psychotropic prescription medications for my psychological distress.

Despite the best efforts of my psychologist to help me, through this form of treatment I developed a very strong belief that I was powerless over my emotions, powerless over my circumstances, and powerless over my life and overcoming my past. I developed a destructive inferiority complex and “victim” mentality believing that outside influences were controlling my life, to the point where my physical health became challenged.

I have suffered all my life from an intense fear of death, disease and illness, and despite how irrational or utterly ridiculous that appeared to me and people who new me it was very real. Despite my physical efforts of consistent exercise, eating healthy, and getting a good nights rest, my “uncontrollable” emotions and living in a constant state of fear, prevented me from experiencing true good health.

So what has Thought Field Therapy done for me? What has this form of therapy enabled me to change? I have used it on every conceivable negative emotion. Whether that be uncontrollable panic attacks, rage, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, addictions, sadness, despair all with a minimum of a moderate improvement. Thought Field Therapy has enabled me freedom from my lifelong phobias and helped me considerably by eliminating negative perspectives and beliefs that previously prevented me from being the person I was meant to be.

I feel in complete control over my life, a strong sense of self- reliance, and have acquired a beautiful perspective on life I never even knew existed. I am no longer the pessimistic victim I once was over my thoughts and emotions but now I feel optimistic and victorious over them.

The algorithm course taught me how to effectively apply Thought Field Therapy (TFT) not only demonstrated the effectiveness of TFT on myself but also on others while still being very simplistic, straightforward and educational. The greatest element of TFT is the benefit it has given me to positively impact other people.

I considered myself to be a very severe and extreme case to test the effectiveness of Thought Field Therapy; the good news is because of the contrasting experiences in my life they are ultimately working to my advantage now. Because I received so much life changing benefits I am confident when I apply this therapy on other people that no matter how severe the challenge is, it can be effectively helped.

Whatever the phobia, whatever the trauma, whatever the negative emotional response that has prevented me from living my life to the fullest I am confident that the fast, safe, powerful and effective help of Thought Field Therapy will have the same life changing implications on other peoples lives if not greater than my own.”  — Russell

Excerpted from “The Thought Field”, Vol. 20, Issue 5

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Monika D’Agate, London, UK, driving instructor and TFT therapist, shares the following example of the profound healing taking place with her students through TFT:

Let’s talk about Jane

Jane was a young woman in her thirties, who 10 years prior was involved in a collision with a car, riding a motorcycle. A few years later, when she had the courage to take up car driving lessons, all seemed fine until reading Richard Hammonds book about his high speed crash. She read a paragraph that described his recovery and very painful stomach injections. The very same ones she had been given many years prior.

At that point her driving lessons had become impossible, the more anxious she had become, the more annoyed her instructor got. She developed a driving phobia. When she came to take her first driving lesson with me, she could not sit in the driving seat.

In panic, her face was white and her palms were sweating. It only took one tapping session, and she overcame the initial fear, which then was followed with 1.5 hour driving lesson.

Whilst teaching her to drive, I uncovered other self-esteem issues, which we had to deal with on subsequent lessons. TFT combined with driver training had given her chance to achieve one of her dreams – driving, as well as help her overcome other emotional issues that were not driving related.

Being a TFT therapist is about helping everyone on day to day issues, so they can move on and deal with things in a rational instead of an emotionally negative way.

Excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity”, Spring, 2013

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Like Acupuncture for the Mind

By Michelle (Miki) Butterworth

Having regressed to my life as a 4-year-old—crouched, screaming and fighting off imaginary blows—I was hospitalized for the second time in 10 years. The first time, I had been released after four days as the safety of the hospital had brought me out of abreaction (the reliving of events as if happening at the present moment), and my functions returned to normal.

This second time though, the flood gates opened and spilled over my years of insistent denial. The physical, sexual and psychological traumas of childhood poured forth.

Many devoted healthcare professionals worked with me over the next 20 years. Blessed breakthroughs did come in the way of integrating the past with the present and changes in the way I acted out that pathology.

However, after trying every new therapy for PTSD that came along—the night terrors, flashbacks and regressions continued.

After retiring to Sedona Arizona, and though living a wonderfully rewarding lifestyle, I still suffered from PTSD. Just seeing something familiarly violent on a television show might trigger days of dissociation, self mutilation (the act of inflicting pain on self by cutting) and regressions.

Having learned over the years that PTSD symptoms are never completely eliminated, I dealt with these episodes as they came by staying recluse for periods of time. After one recurrent triggering event left me suicidal, I again sought help from the mental health community.

I was introduced to a therapist who, after listening to my story, asked if I would be willing to try an unconventional therapy that involved tapping on points of the body while recalling the trauma. I politely told her, “NO!”

Spiritually devoted and as open a person as I am, I was not going to spend time and money on some ‘Sedona Woo-Woo’ technique.

I suggested we stick with regular therapy.

Two sessions later, she mentioned she would be out of town for the next month (doing her woo-woo in some other country).  (more…)

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Panic-Free and Living Life Fully

by Lisa Borg

After experiencing tremendous trauma in my life, I eventually found myself suffering terrible panic attacks. By 1998, I couldn’t stand in line at the bank or the supermarket without feeling panic to the point of fainting. I’d panic at the thought of taking the train or bus—feeling trapped by the crush of all those people.

I rarely shared my pain with anyone, but one day, a hairdressing client of mine gave me a voucher for a psychologist who conducted TFT sessions over the phone. A note with the voucher said it would change my life. If only, I thought. If only that would come true!

I remember feeling strange sitting there on the phone and tapping on myself. I can’t bring up my inner feelings, I thought. Assuming briefly that it would never work, I finished my phone session and walked outside for some fresh air. How relaxed and at ease my body felt!

Two days later, I went to the bank—expecting that familiar feeling of dread. Amazed, I felt nothing but calm.

For six panic-free years, TFT changed my life.

But, for me, the trauma that originated my panic attacks came back in full force as I suffered a miscarriage and was diagnosed with cervical cancer during another pregnancy—eventually losing my dream of having more children. My father committed suicide. Then when my mother-in-law died tragically, I found myself nearing a breakdown and in yet another state of panic.

Since TFT had provided relief six years earlier, I telephoned my previous TFT practitioner and—again—TFT saved my life.

Even today, it continues to help me function. Unfortunately, I’ve been recently diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder, Mal de Debarquement—a balance disorder distinguished by a persistent sensation of motion, difficulty maintaining balance, extreme fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Needless to say, the disorder comes with an extra measure of anxiety.

To cope, I practice the Panic/Anxiety sequence every day before work, and it’s because of TFT that I still manage to work.

Because of TFT, I’ve survived over the past year—even with this debilitating illness. My doctors and psychologist are interested in TFT, now that they’ve seen amazing results in me.

I know that if I didn’t have Mal de Debarquement, my anxiety would never return. TFT is that amazing. I recommend it to everyone. I even talked two neighbors through the anxiety sequence and they were amazed at the instant results. Thank you, Dr. Callahan for giving so many people the power to heal themselves with this simple technique.

Excerpted from Callahan Techniques’ latest book, The Tapping Solution: Tapping the Body’s Energy Pathways.

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This post was sent in by “a proud mom and TFT-Dx practitioner in Canada”:

Perhaps it is a mother’s bias, but I love my kids. They have all grown up to be wonderful adults and I now have grandchildren as well.

Mother’s Day 2011 was wonderful. I received a BBQ dinner, a spa gift certificate, and they also did some yard work for me. My morning started off with my son, the youngest, making breakfast for me. It was simple and seemed thrown together, but I didn’t think much of it despite his sister harassing him for so little effort.

I love my son. He is a bright kid with a big heart. He graduated last year and wanted to take some ‘time off’ before continuing with school or looking for work. I supported his decision knowing full well he deserves a break. You see, my son is labeled ADHD and has a few social issues.

There is also history of mental health issues on both sides of the family so I have been diligent in trying to keep on top of anything that might develop. Through years of counseling we learned that he has problems with ‘central auditory processing’ which means that sometimes the dots just don’t connect with him. He often asks questions that seem annoying to most people because the answers may seem so obvious he if would just ‘think it through’.

He endured many years of bullying throughout his school days and really does not have many friends to hang out with. However, he has found a following of friends in the online world of gaming. He plays games and makes music videos. He is quite skilled, I might add.

Sometimes his fascination with all this online world may seem silly to some, but I read a news article a few years ago where a 12 year old boy hung himself because his parents took away his gaming privileges abruptly. I understand that these online friends he communicates with are just as real as someone next to him and this keeps him company when his local friends are not available.

When I was introduced to Thought Field Therapy techniques and starting taking courses, I saw the amazing results of these new skills with friends and family. All along I had hoped that I would be able to use these skills with my son, but a year and a half later he still thinks mom’s tapping stuff is weird and he has been unwilling to let me show him anything.

Mother’s Day 2011 was over and we all went to sleep, or so I thought. About 5:30am my son barged into my room and collapsed into my arms, visibly distraught. He said I needed to get some anti depressant pills for him immediately!

I was half asleep, but I have done TFT for so long that I just started doing the complex trauma algorithm surrogately while my son admitted to me that he was scared of the thoughts he was having of grabbing a kitchen knife and hurting himself. (more…)

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By Suzanne Connolly, TFT-Adv, from the UPdate Magazine, Issue 4, Winter 2006:

Solving the Mystery; Curing the Panic

At a recent Conference on Panic Attacks, a speaker presented as a fact, that panic attacks do not have their origin in past trauma. Speaker after speaker asserted that there is currently no cure for Panic Attack Disorder. While there are undoubtedly cases where this is true, I find that in most cases this upset in the sympathetic nervous system is rooted in past trauma and of course, with Thought Field Therapy, is curable. The following case study offers just one example.

Yolanda’s panic attacks were keeping her from her job as head of housekeeping at a nearby resort, and from her second job of babysitting her friend’s children, and from participating in life in general. She had been referred by her Physician and I began taking a history in an effort to find some specific sources of anxiety to address.

Being around small children seemed to precipitate the majority of Yolanda’s recent panic attacks. Being home alone at night, being around knives, (more…)

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