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Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.” The United Nations website

What better way to honor and celebrate this international day of peace than by sharing the TFT trauma relief technique with others? We now have instructions in 15 languages. If you know anyone who is suffering from the effects of trauma, or anyone who is working with people who are, please direct them to this site.

We invite you to also share the following trailer to the TFT Foundation’s film, “From Trauma to Peace,” which is scheduled for release at the end of this month. The film is a powerful demonstration of how effective TFT is in promoting peace.


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The TFT Foundation is happy to share this new trailer for its documentary “From Trauma to Peace.” What you see here is only the “tip of the iceberg.” The stories Rwandans have shared with our documentarian Robert Stone, about how TFT has completely changed their lives in the aftermath of a horrendous genocide, are truly moving and inspiring, and give great hope that peace on this earth really is attainable.

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Peace IS within our grasp. It is at the tip of our fingers…literally. The upcoming documentary “From Trauma to Peace” will shock you in how quickly and easily people can be relieved of the devastating effects of trauma through the safe and effective “tapping” technique of Thought Field Therapy (TFT). AND how the impact of that emotional freedom not only brings peace of mind to the individual, but facilitates peace within and among communities

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In August, 2009, Dr. Caroline Sakai and Suzanne Connolly led an ATFT Foundation Trauma Relief Team to teach community leaders in Rwanda to use TFT to help their fellow Rwandans.

This training took place at the IZERE Center for Peace and Reconciliation in Byumba, and 36 community leaders were trained over a period of two days. The newly trained Rwandan therapists then treated over 200 of their countrymen and women for symptoms of trauma, and continue to do so today with the support of the ATFT Foundation.

The Foundation is completely supported by donations and has established a sponsorship program to help support the Rwandan therapists. Sponsors will be able to get personal reports, handled through the ATFT Foundation, from their adopted therapist. The cost to sponsor one full-time therapist for one year is $2000; $300 for a part-time therapist for one year; or $150 for a part-time therapist for six months. This is a powerful opportunity to make a stand for world peace!

If you’d like to sponsor a therapist, or learn more about this program, contact sheila @ atft.org. To see a summary of self-reports (translated into English) by the Rwandan therapists three months following the ATFT Foundation training team’s departure, click here.

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An interview describes how Dr. Caroline Sakai used TFT to relieve a prisoner of trauma and stress and completely turn his life around.

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Dr. Caroline Sakai describes how TFT brought profound relief to a Rwandan elder who endured severe emotional, mental, and physical suffering since seeing his family brutally murdered, himself attacked and left for dead–and how he responded by opening his modest home to local orphans!

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The amazing power of TFT (Thought Field Therapy) lies not only in its revolutionary ability to heal on all levels, but also in its simplicity and ease of use—particularly the algorithms developed by Dr. Roger Callahan through diagnosis. TFT algorithm techniques can be used by ANYONE—regardless of education, nationality, age, race or creed—and thanks to the internet, regardless of finances.

Although coaching by a trained practitioner can be helpful, anyone can follow simple directions for the trauma relief technique through written instructions or demonstration video. As many translations as possible will be provided–to give everyone, without borders, access to the most powerful tool for trauma relief available! You’ll also be able to read about and watch demonstrations of its power and many uses.

We invite you to comment and ask questions about using it for yourself and others, individually or in groups. Let’s talk about getting the trauma technique to the far corners of the world. The possibilities are endless!

Millions of people worldwide suffer from violence, natural disaster, illness, divorce, loss of job, home or loved ones, etc. Can you imagine what impact the relief of their suffering—the fear, grief, guilt, stress, anger, hatred—could have on the world?

When I heard Dr. Caroline Sakai tell the story of TFT and the Rwandan elder, I was overwhelmed by the realization of what a powerful tool TFT is for peace in the world.

TFT trauma relief for Rwanda Genocide Survivor

TFT trauma relief for Rwanda Genocide Survivor

During the genocide, this gentleman had seen his family brutally murdered and was attacked and left for dead himself. For years he had endured severe emotional and mental torture, even dizziness and falling. In response to the profound relief he experienced from TFT, he offered to take three or four orphans into his modest home! It’s a beautiful demonstration of how using TFT to relieve the effects of trauma can open people to peace, compassion and community.

What a difference it could make in areas that have been plagued by violent conflict. The implication of this kind of transformation is truly inspirational, especially considered on a large scale!

The ATFT Foundation (atftfoundation.org) is taking advantage of the internet to make TFT trauma relief available on a global scale! Please join us! Here is how you can help make the difference:

  • Provide translations of the trauma technique instructions—we want as many languages as possible! If you or someone you know can translate the written instructions or provide voice-over translations of the video demonstration, contact sheila @ atft . org
  • Write or video personal stories or case studies using TFT for trauma: Submit written stories to drmary @ thecel . com. Submit videos to sheila @ atft . org
  • Visit the blog often—YOU make a difference! Read its posts and comments, respond with your own comments, link to it from your own web site, forward it to people you think would be interested, could benefit from it, or have contacts with communities in the world who need it. HELP RELIEVE SUFFERING ON A GLOBAL SCALE!
  • Watch the blog for updates

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