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by Brenda Ignorosa

When I knew Tapping Therapy was coming to Mexico, I did all my homework. I read all about TFT and Roger and Joanne Callahan, but when Suzanne Connolly (our teacher) came into the room, I didn’t know what to expect.

I only knew I felt anxiety and fear about a trip that I am going to take. Every past day I woke up with stomach pain and with many other emotions, except peace.

When Suzanne started explaining, everyone was so quiet, trying to understand…In my humble opinion, it is that in Mexico we are not so open yet to all these “alternative” therapies and techniques….

However, the most important thing, is that in our country and maybe all around the world, we have a boom of yoga, therapies, gurus, meditation… But we don’t know who is giving us the complete truth. Sadly, there are a lot of charlatans around these things.

Getting back to my point, the course was without words… Literally… I started the course thinking like in school: I will have a theory and a practice. But TFT is all about experience. There is no a theory and no steps to follow, there is only to feel.

At the end of the first day, we were all laughing. About what? I don’t know, we just felt good. What happened? Again, I really don’t know, I just tapped certain parts of my body, thought about my problems and Bam! I know it sounds like magic, but don’t be scared if it is the first time you read about this.

It all makes sense: Certain parts of your body are connected to your emotions, and your emotions to your brain. So if you press pre-determined points, you unblock the energy…

By the end of the day, I was relieved of that anxiety, really! Not forgetting that, of course, like a good human that I am (haha), I tried to get back to that emotion, but I couldn’t, it was really beautiful. I am grateful!

The second day, we were already strong enough to help other people. We worked with them and we also worked on our own issues.

Nevertheless, the third day was the best!!! The doctors and nurses that were in the course, brought some of their patients to the course so Suzanne could help heal them. When that happened, everyone cried including Suzanne. It was a beautiful moment!

Excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity,” Fall, 2014

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man afraid of driving

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Treating Unconscious Traumas with TFT

By Dr Colin M. Barron M.B. Ch. B, TFT -VT 

Sammy, a 45-year-old chartered accountant developed great anxiety about driving on motorways (the UK term for freeways) and had two sessions with a TFT algorithm practitioner without any effect. Sammy had no conscious recollection of how this problem developed but when I subjected him to the TFT diagnostic process using Voice Technology I discovered a trauma at age 19 which he had no conscious recollection of.

At the start of the session Sammy’s SUD for motorway driving was 9. After treating this unconscious trauma it dropped to 3 and then by treating the presenting problem i.e. driving on motorways, the SUD dropped to 1. A few days later I received a text message from Sammy in which he said he had driven on motorways several times since the treatment session without any anxiety. This case illustrates well the value of checking for past traumas which may be relevant using the TFT diagnostic process. Although this can be done using TFT – Dx (muscle test- ing) it is much easier to do using the TFT – VT process as it is much less tiring for the client.

Excerpted from The Thought Field,  Vol. 23, Issue 4

Note by Mary Cowley: For issues such as this, the trauma technique taught on this blog may very well help. If it doesn’t, there may be an underlying trauma of which you are not aware. You can try holding this thought in your mind: “possible underlying trauma”–and repeat the trauma technique. If it still doesn’t help, we recommend consulting with a TFT practitioner trained at the following levels: TFT-Dx, TFT-Adv, or TFT-VT. To see a list of such practitioners, go to http://www.tftpractitioners.net.

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TFT in Toronto–Tapping Out Panic Attacks, Rage, Anger, Frustration, Guilt….

In the past six months we have had 18 people take the TFT Algorithm Course and another 14 attended our first TFT Boot Camp. More and more people are finding ways to use this for themselves and people they know.

Russell, one of our attendees at the Algorithm Course in April, shares his comments below:

“After taking the Algorithm course for Thought Field Therapy I can blatantly say it has reshaped my body, mind, spirit, and soul into a whole new being. For the last 3 years of my life I have dealt with a lot of traumatic life changing circumstances. I received treatment from a psychologist and received psychotropic prescription medications for my psychological distress.

Despite the best efforts of my psychologist to help me, through this form of treatment I developed a very strong belief that I was powerless over my emotions, powerless over my circumstances, and powerless over my life and overcoming my past. I developed a destructive inferiority complex and “victim” mentality believing that outside influences were controlling my life, to the point where my physical health became challenged.

I have suffered all my life from an intense fear of death, disease and illness, and despite how irrational or utterly ridiculous that appeared to me and people who new me it was very real. Despite my physical efforts of consistent exercise, eating healthy, and getting a good nights rest, my “uncontrollable” emotions and living in a constant state of fear, prevented me from experiencing true good health.

So what has Thought Field Therapy done for me? What has this form of therapy enabled me to change? I have used it on every conceivable negative emotion. Whether that be uncontrollable panic attacks, rage, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, addictions, sadness, despair all with a minimum of a moderate improvement. Thought Field Therapy has enabled me freedom from my lifelong phobias and helped me considerably by eliminating negative perspectives and beliefs that previously prevented me from being the person I was meant to be.

I feel in complete control over my life, a strong sense of self- reliance, and have acquired a beautiful perspective on life I never even knew existed. I am no longer the pessimistic victim I once was over my thoughts and emotions but now I feel optimistic and victorious over them.

The algorithm course taught me how to effectively apply Thought Field Therapy (TFT) not only demonstrated the effectiveness of TFT on myself but also on others while still being very simplistic, straightforward and educational. The greatest element of TFT is the benefit it has given me to positively impact other people.

I considered myself to be a very severe and extreme case to test the effectiveness of Thought Field Therapy; the good news is because of the contrasting experiences in my life they are ultimately working to my advantage now. Because I received so much life changing benefits I am confident when I apply this therapy on other people that no matter how severe the challenge is, it can be effectively helped.

Whatever the phobia, whatever the trauma, whatever the negative emotional response that has prevented me from living my life to the fullest I am confident that the fast, safe, powerful and effective help of Thought Field Therapy will have the same life changing implications on other peoples lives if not greater than my own.”  — Russell

Excerpted from “The Thought Field”, Vol. 20, Issue 5

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Monika D’Agate, London, UK, driving instructor and TFT therapist, shares the following example of the profound healing taking place with her students through TFT:

Let’s talk about Jane

Jane was a young woman in her thirties, who 10 years prior was involved in a collision with a car, riding a motorcycle. A few years later, when she had the courage to take up car driving lessons, all seemed fine until reading Richard Hammonds book about his high speed crash. She read a paragraph that described his recovery and very painful stomach injections. The very same ones she had been given many years prior.

At that point her driving lessons had become impossible, the more anxious she had become, the more annoyed her instructor got. She developed a driving phobia. When she came to take her first driving lesson with me, she could not sit in the driving seat.

In panic, her face was white and her palms were sweating. It only took one tapping session, and she overcame the initial fear, which then was followed with 1.5 hour driving lesson.

Whilst teaching her to drive, I uncovered other self-esteem issues, which we had to deal with on subsequent lessons. TFT combined with driver training had given her chance to achieve one of her dreams – driving, as well as help her overcome other emotional issues that were not driving related.

Being a TFT therapist is about helping everyone on day to day issues, so they can move on and deal with things in a rational instead of an emotionally negative way.

Excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity”, Spring, 2013

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The Algorithmic Horse

By Brian Ewart as told to Ian Graham

While visiting a friend’s farm recently, the farmer’s daughter shared with me the story of her 7-year-old mare, who was extremely fearful of people—and especially hostile to men. The horse had been mistreated by its previous male owner. By now, it needed veterinary treatment to trim its hooves—which were overgrown and causing the horse extreme discomfort.

Unfortunately, the local veterinarian is a man and couldn’t get near the horse, even to examine it.  Not wishing her mare to be sedated, the farmer’s daughter shared with me her dilemma.

Could TFT help calm this anxious horse, I wondered?

I explained briefly about TFT, then asked the daughter to stroke the horse’s forehead, and tap gently under its eye. I then asked her to tap behind the horses foreleg (as close to where I imagined the arm point would be), then tap the horse’s chest—as close to the collarbone as she could get.

Since it was impossible for me—a man—to get near the horse initially, I asked the daughter to tap out the algorithm instead.  As she tapped away to my instructions, I could see the horse calming down from a distance. I entered the field and slowly walked to the animal, repeating the algorithm where the daughter left off.

In just a few minutes, the mare was almost asleep.

I asked the farmer’s daughter to walk away and leave the field. By then, she was extremely surprised to find the horse calm, receptive and unaffected by her departure—particularly when the mare had not been bridled in any way, nor had I used any treats.

Later, as I walked about the field, the horse followed me, nudging me in the back—her fear of people (and men, in particular) completely resolved. Even another male visitor to the farm that afternoon couldn’t change the anxiety-free state of the mare.

Of course, the veterinarian was able to treat her hooves with ease.  But getting her to hum a tune while tapping was a different matter entirely!

Excerpted from Callahan Techniques’ latest book, The Tapping
Solution: Tapping the Body’s Energy Pathways

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By Suzanne Connolly, TFT-Adv, from the UPdate Magazine, Issue 4, Winter 2006:

Solving the Mystery; Curing the Panic

At a recent Conference on Panic Attacks, a speaker presented as a fact, that panic attacks do not have their origin in past trauma. Speaker after speaker asserted that there is currently no cure for Panic Attack Disorder. While there are undoubtedly cases where this is true, I find that in most cases this upset in the sympathetic nervous system is rooted in past trauma and of course, with Thought Field Therapy, is curable. The following case study offers just one example.

Yolanda’s panic attacks were keeping her from her job as head of housekeeping at a nearby resort, and from her second job of babysitting her friend’s children, and from participating in life in general. She had been referred by her Physician and I began taking a history in an effort to find some specific sources of anxiety to address.

Being around small children seemed to precipitate the majority of Yolanda’s recent panic attacks. Being home alone at night, being around knives, (more…)

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From “The Thought Field”, Vol. 11, Issue 2:

TFT Helps a Severe Fear of Dentists

A letter to Rosanna Mosca, DipND, DipCH, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia:

I’m in my 40’s and for most of my life, I have been a little bit of a ‘fruit loop’. Not quite crazy but occasionally, I would turn from ‘Jeckell to Hyde’. It all started when I was eight years old. My subconscious would take over and I wouldn’t be able to control my body anymore.

What started off being a shopping trip suddenly turned into something not so nice. I don’t know where they came from, or how, but suddenly three men in white coats were holding me down, putting a mask on my face and needles in my arm. I’m hallucinating, I’m hurting, I’m screaming. (more…)

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By Helen Sugarman Schicketanz–“ATFT Update”, Issue 16, Autumn 2010:

My four-year-old son Max has always been a very happy, outgoing child whom nothing can phase; nothing, that is, except getting a haircut or getting his fingernails or toenails cut.

When he was a baby, my husband would literally have to hold him down while i cut his nails, and he would be screaming the entire time. Not only was i afraid that i would traumatize him for life (clearly something already had, but we had no idea what it was), but i was half-afraid that someone would hear the screaming and call child protective services on us.

When i took him to the barber shop, he would have to sit on my lap while the barber (who was very patient) used the scissors or the clippers. He alternated, hoping that something would make the experience less traumatic. During every hair cut, my son would scream and i would cry. it was horrible.

We tried different barbers, different places, and were told by one barber (more…)

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By Dick Brown, PhD (from “The Thought Field”, Vol 2, Issue 2):

Jimmy, a 10-year-old foster child, came to his first therapy session with the hesitancy, reluctance, and resistance common to this population. In an attempt to engage him, he was invited to create some pictures but stubbornly refused. I then took the pencil and started doodling upside down and unconsciously sketched a person walking a dog.

He looked at the drawing and said, “I’m afraid of dogs.” Despite having this knowledge, I asked him to tell me about it. “When I was little,” he said, “a great big Doberman pinscher attacked me. He bit me on the inside of my leg. (more…)

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By Ildiko Scurr, TFT-Dx:

Several months ago a client came to me with a problem. Her problem was that she had been in a car accident when her mother was behind the wheel and consequently she could not get into a car and drive ever since. However it turned out that she had not been able to drive for over 20 years since passing her test.

This seemingly simple problem turned out to be very complex with many layers of trauma, anxiety, fear, addiction and self limiting beliefs and toxin issues to work through. Initially though she came to see me for two sessions during which we cleared her trauma from the accident and started treating her childhood issues.

Her father had left when she was nine years old and (more…)

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